Drums faded crop 3 Contact

(co-engineered drum recording)

Lilac & Wisteria EP - Paul Thomas Saunders

(engineered, co-produced, mixed & mastered)

Doses EP - Astrae


Disasterous Pairing (Remix) - Joy Nkoyo

(engineered drum recording)

Year Of The Snake - Snake Davis

(co-engineered drum recording)

Descartes Highlands EP - Paul Thomas Saunders

(co-produced, videography & editing)

Mourning (Video) - Astrae

(audio engineered, mixed, video editing)

Promo @ Under The Bridge (Videos) - Soul Education

(audio recording & mixing, co-produced, videography & editing)

La Petite Mort (Video) - Astrae

(audio mixing, video editing)

NARCISSUS Live @ EFG London Jazz Festival - Narcissus

(direction, videography)

Count It Off (Video) Porter Shields

(audio recording, mixing, videography, editing)

Ain't No Substitute (Video) - Porter Shields Ali. Drums. Production. Red Velvet EP - Porter Shields

(produced, engineered, mixed)